Atractives in Holbox

Bird Island, Atractives in Holbox
Bird Island

One of the most beautiful and peaceful places around Isla Holbox is the Bird Island, only 30 minutes away and where you can see the variety of birds.

Yalahau Cenote, Atractives in Holbox
Yalahau Cenote

In ancient times this cenote was very important for fishermens because after a hard day refreshed themselves here, but was also an important harbor for Maya traders.

Cabo Catoche, Atractives in Holbox
Cabo Catoche

One of the places you should not forget to visit on your trip to Holbox is Cabo Catoche is a beautiful island, surrounded by lush vegetation but also full of history.

Solferino Quintana Roo

It has a lush jungle north of the town, there is  aquatic and underwater vegetation in wetlands composed with  brackish coastal lagoons and marshes with plenty of red mangrove and seagrass.


Passion Island, Atractives in Holbox
Passion Island

The entire atmosphere on the island is extremely relaxing, accompanied only by the soft sand, birds and palms, here you will find no golf carts, no stores or restaurants.

Boca Iglesia, Atractives in Holbox
Boca Iglesia

Very near Cabo Catoche its an important site for Christianity in Latin America, here was built the first Catholic church in Latin America, the place: Boca Iglesia.

Chiquila, Atractives in Holbox

You don´t need need to wait for the car ferry across to the island, because in Chiquila its offered various parking lots where they will look after the car for a modest daily allowance.