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One of the main activities in Holbox is fishing, since ancient times, the habitants adopted it as their source of economy, at first it was the only way of living, but over time the island was growing and with it the need for new ways of living, but fishing still prevails to this day.

If anything the Holboxeños specialize, is actually in fishing, nothing better than being guided by a genuine fisherman for a tour in the right boat to capture the most amazing species, they know each place that you will be taken , so they can navigate in open waters or a few meters from the shore .
At the end of the day.

You will enjoy your own fish, they will also guide you to prepare the most delicious dishes with the species of fish caught, but if you can also try some of those offered by many restaurants.



If you choose to stay at the bech side, you can sit in one of the docks, simply having a rod, some bait and patience, to catch some sunfish.

Fishing Tour in Holbox, Tours in HolboxOffshore fly fishing is ideal, where you will enjoy pleasant moments the months of June, July and August are the most recommended for fishing, it is precisely at this time that the various marine species migrate to the waters of the Caribbean and the gulf of Mexico in search of a better climate, so the change to catch more fishes increases.

Among the options are esmedregales, bonefish, barracuda, snapper, halibut and mackerel, tarpon and snook live here any time of year.

We offer deep sea fishing trips.

We offer two tours of fishing, fishing and fishing riviereña.

Fishing Tour in Holbox

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