Holbox Airport

Holbox Airport, Holbox Island

Holbox its a small island , has much to learn and discover by different ways . On the island some years ago, the only way to reach holbox was by ferry from Chiquila. Was a few years ago in 1996 when the first runway at holbox was made then the first planes came to the island in private flights. Holbox Airport is a concession to a person who is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the airport . Holbox Airport is open to small aircrafts of 1 or 2 engines.

Airport Holbox has a runway for landing , but also offers a small waiting area in a palapa with chairs. offers an area for up to 5 aircraft single engine or twin-engine airplanes , The staff at hotel Puerto Holbox that is in front the airport is monitoring daily the airport operations.

In addition to these services, next to the airport, Puerto Holbox hotel offers hotel services in a short walk distance from the airport, with a relaxed beachfront acomodations with pool, water, telephone , fax, electricity, air conditioning and acomfortable ambience with mid range prices
To book a plane to go to Holbox you can contact us Through the form of information in our section of air transportation to Holbox
You can fly from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel to Merida holboxen or private flights.



  • Sleeps 5 single engine aircraft or twin-engine propeller
  • Single Engine Aircraft
  • Water , electricity in the terminal
  • Waiting Area
  • Support services


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Holbox Airport, Holbox IslandHolbox Airport, Holbox Island