Tours in Holbox

Swim with Whale Sharks in Holbox, Tours in Holbox
Swim with Whale Shark in Holbox

Before leaving this tour, guests receive a small introduction of approximately 15 minutes, and the guide will explain the recommendations and regulations.

Chichen Itza Tour by Plane From Holbox, Tours in Holbox
Chichen Itza Tour by Plane

The archaeological site of Chichen Itza is located approximately 1 hour by plane from Holbox.

Snorkel Tour in Cabo Catoche, Tours in Holbox
Snorkel Tour In Cabo Catoche

For those looking for a snorkeling tour in Holbox exists Cabo Catoche which is the area with the best reefs for snorkeling. It is located 43 kilometers from Holbox.

Tour to  Boca Iglesia, Tours in Holbox
Tour to Boca Iglesia

Boca Iglesia was the first point where Francisco Hernandez de Cordova arrived for the first time in the Mexican territory.

Fishing Tour in Holbox, Tours in Holbox
Fishing Tour Holbox

The Fishing Tour in Holbox Island is a short 4-hour tour where you can catch local fish such as grouper,  in the area of punta mosquito,  the prices are per boat and are private tours.

Tour  Ek Balam and Rio Lagartos, Tours in Holbox
Tour Ek Balam and Rio Lagartos

Combination of history and nature, this tour is for join the natural beauty of Rio Lagartos with the architecture of Ek Balam ruins, starting with Rio Lagartos.

Holbox Tour by The 3 Island, Tours in Holbox
Holbox Tour by The 3 Islands

A tour to admire and enjoy the attractions surrounding the island of Holbox, starting at Bird Island, where you will observe hundreds of birds in their natural habitat.

Holbox Tour by The 3 Island, Tours in Holbox
Horseback Riding in Holbox

A family of Holbox take care of the palce and will atke you riding on the beautiful beaches of Holbox enjoying a sunset, the birds and the sea in a very relaxing and different ambience.


Airplane Flight and Tour Whale Shark Swin, Tours in Holbox
Airplane Flight & Whale Shark

the top attraction in the Mexican Caribbean is undoubtedly the visit of hundreds of Whale Sharks in search of warm waters.

Aerial Tour To Holbox Island, Tours in Holbox
Aerial Tour To Holbox Island

The Holbox island tour by airplane is one of the most interesting and different tours you may have.

Contoy Island Tour, Tours in Holbox
Contoy Island Tour

A protected area with pristine beaches and a very relaxing atmosphere with exceptional beauty. Here sea colors are more vivid and the soft sand invites you to relax.

Tour Cabo Catoche, Tours in Holbox
Tour Cabo Catoche

The exact point where the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico come together is called Cabo Catoche, and is 43 kilometers east of Holbox.

Fly Fishing Tour, Tours in Holbox
Fly Fishing Tour

The Fly Fishing tour in Holbox begins when the captain pick you up at your hotel, ready to spend 8 hours of adventure aboard a boat that will take you to capture the best open water species.

Tour Tulum and Coba, Tours in Holbox
Tour Tulum and Coba

Two of the greatest tests of Maya life in one tour is this tour that includes city by the Sea Tulum and Coba.

Tour to Chichen Itza and Valladolid by Land, Tours in Holbox
Tour to Chichen Itza and Valladolid

An excursion by road to Chichen Itza, which also includes visit to the Cenote Dzinup and a brief tour of the city of Valladolid.