Tour to Cabo Catoche

The exact point where the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico come together is called Cabo Catoche, and is 43 kilometers east of Holbox approximately with breathtaking landscapes of pristine beaches along with a lush marine life, snorkeling reason and fish are the best experiences you can live here.

The area of ​​Cuevones is ideal for Snorkel because it has 2 feet deep where you will find many types of tropical fishes, soft corals are found in the lower part, there are hehind some rocks somethimes you can find turtles, octopus and lobsters.

North of this island we can find regular sized fishes, to prepare a delicious ceviche.

During the journey to this place in an area which is very probable that we find dolphins jumping and swiming close to the boat.

On the way back to Holbox, if the tide is high, we will take a different path on the other side of the island you will cross a mangrove us across the island.

This tour has a period of approximately six hours, starting from 8 am.


  • Sandwich
  • Water
  • Refreshments
  • Ceviche
  • Provide twine for fishing and snorkeling equipment



  • Bring swimsuit
  • Towel
  • T snorkeling
  • Cap
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen
Tour Rate
1 a 5 Persons $9,500 MXN
6 a 10 Persons $12,000 MXN
Shared Tour (Price per person) $97 USD
*Additional tax of $100 MXN p/p (Bracelet) pay at the moment  
* * The tour shared its only Saturdays  


Photos of the Cabo Catoche Tour

Cabo Catoche Tour
Cabo Catoche Tour Cabo Catoche Tour
Cabo Catoche Tour Cabo Catoche Tour
Cabo Catoche Tour