Holbox Island Airplane Tour

The Holbox island tour by airplane is one of the most interesting and different tours you may have during your visit to the Mexican Caribbean. You will see a small rustic typical caribbean island, quiet surroundings, sand streets, friendly people. The Tour can depart from Cancun, Cozumel, Beach del Carmen or Isla Mujeres from Cozumel and Beach del Carmen flight takes approximately 40 minutes, from Cancun and Isla Mujeres is 20 minutes.

Once you arrive to Holbox airport a golf cart will take you to the pier to depart by boat to the surronding áreas of the island.

The first stop is the Bird Island, one of the best places to observe birds in their natural habitat, here are pelicans among others, all in full freedom, guarding their nests, will be surprised to see them build their homes some in the treetops, others in the lower parts. To further enjoy the beautiful panorama, you will notice that there is a viewpoint that can climb and from there take great pictures here.

After this pleasant experience, you will take again the boat, this time to move to a refreshing point the waterhole Yalahau here walk by a small wooden bridge that will lead to a space with palapas and tables to enjoy a snack, and if you walk a bit further You can also will find to the viewpoint, you'll be surprised that you get a great view of the place.

After that stop the boat will head to the beautiful beaches of the south of the island, where you can find thousands of flamingos and birds, a very calm and ideal for swimming sea admiring nature.

Back in Holbox will have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes made ​​owiht fresh seafood with homemade taste, in one of the most old restaurants on the island, Zarabanda, plus you can walk the streets of the island, in this way you will learn more about the life of its people and their customs.

The aerial tour of Holbox Island Tour includes:

  • Roundtrip flight by plane
  • Guide and boat tour for bird watching in the Bird Island ,Yalahau and Passion island
  • Food in the restaurant Zarabanda holbox 2 drinks per person
  • Bring your bathing suit , sun screen , a towel, and wear comfortable to enjoy your time on the island of Holbox shoes

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Holbox Island Airplane Tour Photos

Holbox Island Airplane Tour
Holbox Island Airplane Tour Holbox Island Airplane Tour
Holbox Island Airplane Tour Holbox Island Airplane Tour
Holbox Island Airplane Tour