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Swim with Whaler Shark Tour, Holbox Island Tours

Swim with Whale Shark

Every year from May to September the number 1 Holbox visitor arrives, do not miss the opportunity to swim with him on a shared or private tour.

Holbox Island Tours

3 Islands Tours

A tour to admire and enjoy the attractions surrounding the island of Holbox, starting at Bird Island, where you will observe hundreds of birds in their natural habitat, on the tops of the trees or in the lower parts.

Fishing Tour Holbox Island

Fishing Tour

The people of Holbox are experts in fishing, since it has been their sustenance for many years, they will take you to the best places so you can enjoy with your family.

Chichen Itza Tour, Holbox Island

Chichen Ita Tour

One of the 7 wonders of the modern world, travel and know the enigmatic Mayan city, which has impacted by its beauty to locals and foreigners

Hotels in Holbox

Beachfront Hotels | Downtown Hotels | Apartments

Casa de las Tortugas Holbox, Hotels in Holbox Island

Casa de las Tortugas

Casa las Tortugas es uno de los hoteles en Holbox de especial referencia, por la gran calidad de sus instalaciones.

Posada Mawimbi en Holbox, Hotels in Holbox Island

Posada Mawimbi

Mawimbi ha sido construido y decorado poniendo especial atención en los detalles, respetando los colores y formas de la naturaleza.

Casa Takywara, Hotels in Holbox Island

Casa Takywara

En el Hotel Casa Takywara podrás disfrutar de la naturaleza en un entorno de humedales y vegetación nativa.

Casa Cereza, Hotels in Holbox Island

Casa Cereza

Casa Cereza (Cherry House) es una casa de madera de 2 pisos encantador con el techo de palma típica de la región.

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