To get to Holbox there are various ways according to the place of departure, you can go to Holbox  by sea or by air, bus or your own car, boat. The place of departure to the island by boat is  Chiquila.

If you decide to go by bus, take consider that the schedules to avoid disappointments, if you  traveling from Cancun you can choose to run from 7:45 am or 12:40 noon, if you are coming from Chetumal its  necessary to go  first to Cancun and then to Chiquila.

For from Merida, the options are wider, they will have the opportunity to choose between the bus at 11:30 pm, arriving at 5:00 am, if you want a better schedule can take some bus going to  Tizimín and then  Chiquila. If you are in Valladolid, the bus leaves at 3:00 am from Merida.

For shuttle schedules to the island do not worry because the boats leave every two hours, the first is at 5:30 am and the last at 9:00 pm, if you wish you can also rent a boat up to 8 people and it will take less time during the day light. At night small boats are not permited to cross to the island
If you come driving in your  own car , also consider the sites you must pass before finding the signs to Chiquila.

From Riviera Maya

Starting drving  from the Riviera Maya south-north direction  will need to reach Puerto Morelos where is the bridge. Turn in U and take the side north- south until the yelow arc that marks the start of the route of the cenotes, the road puerto Morelos- leona Vicario. come to Leona Vicario and then take free road from Cancun to Merida, up to a village named Nuevo Valladolid soon you  find a sign to chiquila  telling you to turn to the right, to take the road kantunilkin,  Chiquila.

Coming from Cancun, take the free road to Merida to reach new Valladolid and then take the exit to Chiquila.

From Merida

Leaving Merida take the road to Valladolid and take the free road to Cancun until the Kilometer 80, before the community named Ignacio Zaragoza, you will  find shortly the sign to turn to the left to take the road to Chiquila. You can also take  the road  to Motul and after Tizimín and from this city to  Kantunilkin  to find the desviation to  Chiquila.

One of your questions before crossing to Holbox is what to do with your car, do not worry, because near the port are secure parking lots where you will leave your car  for affordable rates.

If you prefer to arrive by air, you can hire the services on our website, renting a cessna plane for 5 people on a private 20 minutes  flight, usually starting in Cancun, departing from the FBO private flights terminal at Cancun airport. In  Holbox there is a landing strip for small planes and helicopters.