Tour to Boca Iglesia

Boca Iglesia was the first point where Francisco Hernandez de Cordova arrived for the first time in the Mexican territory, site of the first Catholic Church in Latin America was erected, nothing better than a guided tour to visit this place.

In addition to this stop on this tour, you will visit Cabo Catoche to do some snorqueling in the area.

Boca Iglesia Church: Years ago this city was part of the taxpayers of Valladolid, and was named differently, that's when the church start builded , its a place high representative of the area.

Ekab: Named above as the " Gran Cairo " is very close to the colonial ruins of Boca Iglesia, where Maya and Europeans were found for the first time, so this place is mentioned in the history of the conquest.

Cabo Catoche: A line joining Cabo catoche lighthouse where determines the boundary between the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Here we stopped at the Santa Paula River to enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious ceviche.

Snorkeling: If conditions permit, we stopped to snorkel in Cuevones, where you can see a wide variety of fish and corals.

Kayak: touring kayak 2 kilometers through winding channels surrounded by mangroves leads to Boca Iglesia prehispanic dock , where we walked about 200 meters to the main ruin.

Duration: 8 hours ( departure 8:00 am)


  • Sandwich
  • Fruit
  • Water
  • Soft drinks and ceviche
Private Tour Rate
1 a 4 Persons $530 USD
5 a 8 Persons $660 USD

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Tour to Boca Iglesia
Tour to Boca Iglesia Tour to Boca Iglesia