Restaurants in Holbox

The restaurants in Holbox are very different for many reasons, one is because you can enjoy fresh seafood prepared with a delicious seasoning that only the chefs of the island can give. They are rustic restaurants with friendly people where you will feel in a very cozy place away from the big resorts of the known tourist destinations Another advantage of the restaurants in holbox are the affordable prices .

The food at holbox is based on fresh seafood and Mexican food .

There are restaurants such as Viva Zapata delicious dishes featuring grilled food as meats , lobsters , salads or zarabanda having varied nicely prepared dishes accompanied by refreshing tropical drinks some restaurants are oceanfront and others are located in downtown Holbox , there are Italian restaurants and many small restaurants cheap Mexican food . If definitely you want to relax, enjoy the sea and good food, fresh , Holbox restaurants are the best choice.

Zarabanda, Restaurants in Holbox

The Roots Restaurant is located on the beach near the hotel  Casa Sandra in Holbox .

Maresa Ice Cream, Restaurants in Holbox
Maresa Ice Cream

For 20 year, the Escalante family has made the most delicious and famous ice cream on Holbox Island. Maresa ice cream is sold in the central park of Holbox and in the movie theater the libelula.

Viva Zapata, Restaurants in Holbox
Viva Zapata

One of the most popular restaurants in Holbox by domestic and foreign is Viva Zapata, and no wonder as well as offering a varied menu with seafood and pasta.

Cafe del Mar, Restaurants in Holbox
Cafe del Mar

Enjoy the taste of homemade food with a personal touch. A place that we recommend when you  ride in a golf cart on that side of the island or just when you have a desire for something natural.