Holbox Attractions

Holbox is a small island full of natural wonders, it is a fishing village that still remains to a certain extent virgin with its sandy streets, its wooden houses now decorated with striking colors and with images that highlight the beauty of the place, along with its beaches full of palm trees and fishing boats that go to work every morning, creating a scenario that everyone should enjoy.

Its wide white sand beaches, crystal clear waters of shades of green and shallow invite you to lie down, sunbathe and enjoy the tranquility of the place. Its sunsets of orange, pink and purple tones create the ideal environment for those looking to spend romantic days with their partners. Do not stay with the desire and come to enjoy the wonder of this place.

Murals of Holbox

For a few years Holbox has become an island full of murals, houses have become canvases for artists from all over the world who come here to capture their art, their thoughts and above all transmit their love and respect to this Island .

Holbox Beaches

The beaches of Holbox are extensive, with crystal clear waters, shallow water, calm waves, solitary views and an amGoodte of peace, which allows you to enjoy them.

Experiences Las Hamacas de Holbox
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Holbox Hammocks

Due to the shallow depth and tranquility of its waters some hoteliers placed water hammocks, so that their guests enjoy the sea without having to move a single muscle, which has caused a furor among visitors who find this activity great and fun.

Colorful Holbox Houses

Like any fishing port Holbox still retains numerous wooden houses, only that these houses have evolved over time, since most of them are brightly colored and decorated with allusive images that highlight the natural beauty of the island .

Ecotourism Punta Mosquito
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Pristine beaches of Punta Mosquito

Holbox has a large area of beaches, a part of them has become a Nature Reserve, we refer to Punta Mosquito, which is located north of the Island.

Experiencies Los Atardeceres de Holbox
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Holbox Sunsets

In very few places you can enjoy sunsets as beautiful as you can see in Holbox, starting with the fact that at the beginning of the afternoon the locals usually meet at the pier to enjoy each magnificent sunset

Ecotourism Cenote Yalahau Holbox
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Cenote Yalahau

This point was long the largest source of fresh water for the island of Holbox, but today is a beautiful tourist stop, part of a protected nature reserve.

Bird Watching Isla Pájaros Holbox
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Isla Pajaros

One of the most beautiful and peaceful places around Holbox Island is the Bird Island, only 30 minutes away and where you can see the variety of birds, so it has been placed spaces dedicated to their protection and conservation.

Ecotourism Isla Pasión Holbox
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Isla Pasion

A small but relaxing island, located just 15 minutes from Holbox Island, Passión Island is a true tropical paradise, far from civilization and noise.

Ecotourism and Exploration Cabo Catoche
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Cabo Catoche

One of the places you should not forget to visit on your trip to Holbox is Cabo Catoche is a beautiful island, surrounded by lush vegetation but also full of history, for its ruins are an essential part of early Christianity.

Ecotouris m Chiquila
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North of the state of Quintana Roo, Chiquila is the starting point where the ferries depart to Holbox Island and is also a fishing port.

Ecotourism and Exploration Ecoturismo en Solferino
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It has a lush jungle, there is aquatic and underwater vegetation in the north of the municipality in the wetlands composed of brackish lagoons and swamps of the coast with abundance of red mangrove.

Exploration Ecoturismo en Boca Iglesia
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Boca Iglesia

Very close to Cabo Catoche, there is a key site for Christianity in Latin America, because it was here that the first Catholic church in Latin America was erected, it is Boca Iglesia.