Very near Cabo Catoche on the northern side of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo , just where are the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico get together its an important site for Christianity in Latin America, here was built the first Catholic church in Latin America, the place: Boca Iglesia.

Today, the way to get to Boca Iglesia is very complicated, can be reached by boat. The buildings are covered with trees, however getting there is a sacrifice that you should do if you have an adventure spirit, because it contains a lot of history.

A hill of rocks is holding the Church, giving the appearance of watching the area from its highest point, it is said there were three virgins made ​​with shells and stones this ones abound on the island, it is said that the bells of the church were stolen at some point, no one has more details on how it happened.

It also has a small cemetery, hidden by vegetation, the community here lived with traditions and all economic relationships by sea. A journey through history in the midst of nature, no doubt much to discover, all this and more awaits you at Boca Iglesia.

You can rent a boat with captain with us for a walk one day trip to this interesting place, either departing from Holbox or Cancun.

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Boca Iglesias, Holbox Attractions
Boca Iglesias, Holbox Attractions Boca Iglesias, Holbox Attractions