Holbox has a large area of beaches, a part of them has become a Nature Reserve, we refer to Punta Mosquito, which is located north of the Island.

To get to this magnificent place you must pass the Hotel Las Nubes and continue until you reach this incredible place. Although it is a long distance to get here, we recommend that you do it on foot, since if you take a bike or golf cart you must leave it when entering the reserve, although there is no danger of being taken it can be a little worrisome.

Its name is due to the fact that in this area at certain times or in season, it is plagued with mosquitoes, so if you do not carry biodegradable repellent you will not spend it very Good. There are 38 kilometers of virgin beach with hundreds of different shells on its shore, its crystalline waters are shallow, all of it is surrounded by vegetation and accompanied by the endemic birds of the region, also if it is season you can enjoy the company of The pink flamingos.

It is worth the effort to get to this place, you can bring food, drinks, sunbathe, enjoy the peace and tranquility that this place gives you, just please do not forget to take your garbage back with you, for being a Reservation is essential that you leave it as you arrived.

Another important detail is that in this place there are areas through which you can not travel because they are exclusively the habit of birds that use this area to nest, so we ask that you stick to the signs and enjoy the free spaces of He passed.

There is no corner of Holbox that does not surprise you and fall in love, visit it and enjoy the wonderful nature.