Solferino is a small town located in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas , Quintana Roo, Mexico about 15 minutes from chiquila port 13 kilometers away and very close to the limits of the Protected Area Wildlife Yum Balam, national protected área with an extensión of 155 000 acres with valuable wetlands.

It has a lush jungle north of the town, there is  aquatic and underwater vegetation in wetlands composed with  brackish coastal lagoons and marshes with plenty of red mangrove and seagrass.

In these ecosystems live deers, badger , wild boar, fox,  , turtles , various snakes, turkey and an abundance of  several types of migratory birds because the  proximity to the coast and the island of Holbox and its abundance of wetlands waterfowl , can be seen as herons , pelicans and occasionally ducks , flamingos and cormorants.

in this area  there is a tourist attraction  area named  the  corchal and the  ancient tree , giant tree leafy branches
There are guided tours corchal area

In the tops of the tallest trees we can see the spider and howler monkeys and in the depths of the jungle is possible to see , in some  occasions,  jaguars, pumas , ocelot or margay .

Solferino features a lush forest, lowland forest and a half with plenty of logwood and chico zapote  ( tree gum )

Solferino Village

Solferino, Holbox Attractions
Solferino, Holbox Attractions Solferino, Holbox Attractions